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21 Mar 2022
Latest Update

Dear Customers,

We are happy to announce that St Michaels have given us a provisional restart date for the end of May. St Michaels have a meeting at the end of this month, after which they will confirm the dates going forward and we can start to take bookings. We would also like to inform you that it will be more than likely Saturdays only for now. When we receive the dates/hours we can then put out our timetable for bookings.

We understand that some of you are now enrolled in other Swim Schools and that Saturdays won't suit others. Delivering the classes owed to people is what we will be able to provide straight away (and the option we hope you take). Refunds will have to be given out in order of request and when we start to take in revenue. Issuing refunds is not an problem, we only ask that you are patient with us, as we need to get money in to pay out on refunds.

This has been a longer road than any of us have expected and we completely understand your frustration. We will continue to communicate with you in an open, honest and transparent way. As soon as we have our timetable, we will send it to everyone and at that point we will ask you to email us to either book a time or request a refund.